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        What is Learning Power? (link)

The Seven Dimensions ... 

Changing and Learning  - a sense of oneself as someone who learns and changes over time; the opposite is being stuck and static.


Critical Curiosity -an orientation to want to get beneath the surface; the opposite is being passive.


Meaning Making -making connections and seeing that learning matters to me; the opposite is simply accumulating data.


Creativity- risk-taking, playfulness, imagination and intuition; the opposite is being rule-bound.


Learning Relationships , or Interdependence -learning with and from others and also being able to learn alone; the opposite is either being isolated or over-dependent.


Strategic Awareness -being aware of ones thoughts, feelings and actions as a learner and able to use that awareness to plan and manage learning processes; the opposite is being robotic.


Resilience -the orientation to persevere in the development of one’s own learning power and relish challenge; the opposite is being fragile and dependent.

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